Welcome to Viper

Welcome to Viper Vintage Moto X Club. We are a friendly, relaxed club, dedicated to vintage dirt bike riding, appreciating and enjoying the bikes of the golden era. We are always happy to welcome new members, with our existing members always on hand, keen to provide help and guidance when needed.

We run a series of events throughout the year at various ‘vintage friendly’ (that’s bike and body) tracks, including motocross, grass and natural terrain tracks, usually located within a couple of hours drive of Melbourne. Quite often, free camping is organised, or the venues are close to affordable accommodation, which always lends itself to a good social gathering the night before an event, and plenty of yarns and banter to be had around the campfire.

Running our events in accordance with Motorcycling Victoria regulations, Viper events cater for all riding abilities, with classes predominantly aimed at the Pre 95 era, but also including Modern, Junior and Mini Bike classes. See below for a full list of usual classes

  • Pre 1978 All Powers
  • Pre 1985 All Powers
  • Pre 1985 Over 45 years All Powers
  • Pre 1990 Over 45 years All Powers
  • Pre 1990 125cc
  • Pre 1990 All Powers Non Expert (Clubman)
  • Pre 1990 All Powers Expert
  • Pre 1997 125cc
  • Pre 1997 All Powers Non Expert (Clubman)
  • Pre 1997 All Powers Expert
  • Evolution All Powers
  • 2 Stroke Open All Powers
  • Modern Open All Powers
  • Pre 1997 4 Stroke Thumper All Powers
  • Pre 1995 Mini Bike Recreation
  • Junior Recreation Class

Riders find that there is plenty of opportunity to ride on race days with up to 40 races/rides, most of which are kept relatively short at 3 to 4 laps per race.

It’s easy to join the club with our annual membership running from 1st. of January each year. We also offer a 1-day membership for those who may want to give it a try at a particular event. The club is authorised to issue MA day licences for both competition and recreation classes, and entry to events is simple, via our online entry form. We are always looking for volunteers to help us with marshalling, lap scoring etc., so it’s a great way for non-riders to also get involved and see all of the action up close.

Our website and our Facebook Page are kept up to date with all upcoming events and detailed information about what is happening in the club. Regular e-mails are also issued to all members.

So if you are interested, why not come along to our next event, or get in touch…….we would love to hear from you !!!!